Gary Reed Biography
Gary Reed is an acclaimed artist known for his detailed paintings of the beautiful Hawaiian landscapes throughout the Hawaiian islands. Originally born in Indianapolis, Gary spent his younger years growing up in Woodstock, Illinois. From the time he was in grammar school, he knew with absolute certainty he would become an artist. After years of art school and training, Gary arrived in Hawai'i circa 1971. The beauty of the island, its cultural diversity and incredibly temperate weather quickly became Gary's permanent home.

Almost four decades later, Gary's passion for capturing the beauty of Hawai'i remains evident in his works. His artistic style centers around realism and its fine details. Philosophically, he has always been a realist, a traditionalist. Whether he is painting a landscape or a portrait, Gary's signature style is captured in the details with his own style of brush painting with oil on canvas. Using tiny brushes on large canvasses, his obsession for detail makes a Reed painting noticeable even without seeing his signature on the piece.

Gary has produced well over 1200 paintings in over three decades of work. As he states, "Hawai'i is a wonderful place to be an artist because of the tremendous interest in art here... the Hawaiian Islands are a truly inspirational place to be an artist." We invite you to browse Gary Reed's print collection for the finest showcase of Hawaiian landscape artistry in print. In addition, the artist may also be contacted to commission new works.